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Why More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery

Overview: For some time, plastic and cosmetic surgery has been considered a woman's game. However, studies show that an increasing number of men are choosing to benefit from aesthetic procedures too. Want to know why? Find out in the article below:

It used to be the case that the older you were, the more respect you demanded. But with the recent increase in the number of male cosmetic procedures being performed, this has been called into question. In an interview with Northern California-based Dr. Seth Matarasso, the surgeon claims there is a developing culture in the Silicon Valley that is deeply rooted in ageism, and that this is causing more men to pursue plastic surgery, and at an earlier age.

According to Dr. Matarasso, it is becoming common in some areas of work for men to be discriminated for their age and experience. While this may seem surprising, this view is based on the belief that the younger you are, the more potential you have and the fresher your perspective is. Now at his practice in San Fransisco, Dr. Matarasso is receiving requests from an increasing number of younger men, most looking for facial improvements.

It's not just the Silicon Valley and Bay Area that is experiencing this cultural change – to a lesser extent, male professionals from other areas are also turning to cosmetic surgery to become more competitive at the workplace. When faced with a board full of young people, an aged manager can gain valuable respect by toning down his lines and wrinkles even by just a small amount.

This is backed up by a recent study conducted over a group of over 6,000 plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and dermatologists, which shows similar findings:

  • 72% of cosmetic professionals reported their number of male patients had increased in the last year.
  • More than 50% of these new male patients were between 25 and 44.
  • 50% of professionals say that facial cosmetic procedures are the most common among men.

Bottom Line: Plastic and cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular than ever among men for many reasons. One reason is that the stigma attached to male plastic surgery is continually reducing, making it much more acceptable for men to reclaim their youth through cosmetic procedures. However, as we've seen in this article, another equally strong motivation behind the increase in male plastic surgery is the growing culture of “ageism” in the workplace. More and more men are feeling under pressure to look their best to stay competitive in the work place and they are turning to plastic and cosmetic surgery to achieve this.

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