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An arm lift, clinically known as a Brachioplasty, involves a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to tighten, smoothen and contour the upper arm area.

Time can cause the skin to lose its natural elasticity and leave areas looking tired and unattractive. A Brachioplasty can alleviate these inevitable signs of aging. An arm lift smoothens and tightens the skin, removing any stubborn areas of fat that may have developed with age, resulting in arms that are smoother and more youthful in appearance.

When To Consider A Brachioplasty 

You should consider an arm lift if:

  • Your arms suffer from loose skin and unwanted fatty deposits
  • Regular exercise and diet cannot get rid of the excess fatty tissue and skin
  • Massive weight loss has left you with excess skin and ‘bat wings’


Brachioplasty Procedure

The patient will be placed under a general anaesthetic and any areas of unwanted areas of skin and fat are removed from the upper arm. In some cases, the Brachioplasty will be combined with liposuction to achieve the most desirable results.


Brachioplasty Results

Once the surgery is complete and you’ve recovered from any bruising or swelling that may have resulted from the procedure, you will have improved upper arm contours that are smoother, firmer and more in keeping with your natural image.


Brachioplasty Recovery

After your surgery, the treated areas are protected in order to reduce swelling and Dr. Ladak will give you instructions on how best to look after your arms.

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