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Breast Augmentation Mastopexy

Breast augmentation mastopexy is a form of breast surgery that combines the breast enhancement and breast lift procedures to provide a completely rejuvenated breast.

A breast lift, clinically known as a mastopexy, is a procedure that acts to lift breasts that may have lowered for a number of reasons. Once the breast and nipple area have been lifted, a more youthful and attractive appearance is achieved.

A breast augmentation does not lift the breast or nipple area but instead enlarges the size and projection of the breast. Like the mastopexy procedure, breast augmentation creates an appearance that is both youthful and attractive.

While both these procedures are extremely effective, neither can produce a larger and more raised breast alone. If this is the desired aesthetic result, then a combination of the two procedures - a breast augmentation mastopexy - is recommended. 

You will have your breast area lifted by the mastopexy and your breast size enlarged by either saline or silicone implants.

When To Consider a Breast Augmentation Mastopexy

You should consider a breast augmentation mastopexy if:

  • Your breasts have drooped from pregnancy, weight loss or age
  • Your breasts are noticeably asymmetrical
  • Your nipples are overstretched from breast feeding
  • Your natural, fully-developed breasts are smaller and sit lower than you would like


Breast Augmentation Mastopexy Procedure

The extent of surgery required depends on each individual case and Dr. Ladak will advise which option is best for you during your consultation.

In general, incisions are made around the areola, down the lower pole of the breast, and sometimes through the crease. Once the desired alterations are made, these incision lines are then closed with sutures, skin adhesives, surgical tape, or a combination of all three. 

Some of the incision lines from the surgery may stay visible while others are hidden within the natural contours of the body.


Breast Augmentation Mastopexy Results

Once the surgery is complete you will enjoy breasts that are enhanced in both size and appearance.


Breast Augmentation Mastopexy Recovery

Your treated areas will be covered with dressings or bandages after the surgery. In order to reduce swelling and help with healing, you will be required to wear a support bra.

Dr. Ladak will provide detailed instructions on how best to care for your treated areas.

If you’re interested in the fantastic results that a combined breast augmentation mastopexy can give you, contact Dr. Adil Ladak at his Edmonton-based plastic surgery practice today at 780-407-6691 or book a consultation today.

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