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With the many facial and body aesthetic procedures offered by the highly skilled Dr. Adil Ladak


With the many facial and body aesthetic procedures offered by the highly skilled Dr. Adil Ladak

Dr. Adil Ladak - Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Edmonton, Alberta


Dr. Adil Ladak is a board certified plastic surgeon based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Dr. Ladak received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Alberta and since then he has completed fellowships at both the Mayo Clinic and the University of British Columbia. He offers a variety of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures, from breast surgery to Botox injections.

Dr. Ladak is dedicated to providing you with the all the information and care required to make the best decisions about your health.

Dr. Ladak’s high level of skill, vision and attention to detail ensures that you achieve the best possible results. You will be given the highest standard of care before, during, and after your surgery. Dr. Ladak offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as Facelifts, Neck Lifts, Eyelid Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Breast Mastopexy, Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation Mastopexy, Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, Brachioplasty, Medial Thigh Lifts, Botox and Tissue Fillers.

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edmonton facial surgery

Facial Surgery

Dr. Adil Ladak offers a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures that are designed to bring back your youthful and healthy facial appearance. Time can be cruel on your skin and, as you age, your face can look tired and untrue to your inner self. But with the help of Dr. Adil Ladak, you can turn back the hands of time and regain your natural looks with a variety of facial cosmetic surgical procedures on offer. The three main procedures offered are: facelifts, eyelid surgery and neck lifts. While each is unique in their methodology and results, all three procedures work to alleviate the…

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edmonton breast surgery

Breast Surgery

At his Edmonton-based plastic surgery practice, Dr. Adil Ladak is dedicated to providing safe and effective cosmetic surgery procedures that are tailored to every patient’s unique case. A commonly requested procedure is breast surgery, a cosmetic procedure that is designed to enhance the appearance of the breast in a number of ways. For some, a larger size and volume is the desired result and this can be achieved by a breast augmentation, a breast lift, or a combination of the two, known as breast augmentation mastopexy. Alternatively, the enhancement that the patient requires may be…

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edmonton body contouring

Body Contouring

Body contouring surgery allows patients to achieve a more youthful, healthy and proportionate appearance by removing stubborn areas of fat and loose skin. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly is an irreplaceable part of achieving a desirable body but for many patients, this doesn't solve everything. Areas of stubborn fat and loose skin commonly persist in those who are older, regardless of how much exercise is done and how healthy the diet. In such cases, a body contouring procedure can help remove these localized fatty deposits for a better proportioned, more attractive…

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edmonton skin treatments

Skin Treatments

Dr. Adil Ladak and his team offer a range of skin treatments to suit your individual needs and help you achieve the younger, fresher and healthier appearance you’ve been looking for. An increasing number of patients are choosing non-surgical skin treatments over more extensive plastic surgery due to the reduced commitment, lower recovery time and the fantastic results that these treatments provide. This includes the popular Botox injections and a range of tissue fillers. Botox works by relaxing muscles in the targeted area, resulting in the removal of frown lines, wrinkles, crow’s…

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Financial Options

Medicard offers a simple and affordable way to finance your procedure, service or product and allows you to immediately acquire the care you desire. The ideal alternative to writing a cheque. Medicard's patient financing programs ensure that you don't delay your treatment or purchase due to cost concerns by offering you a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments. We will pay your doctor or service provider in full now and you can repay us in affordable monthly payments.

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