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An abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to create a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing abdominal appearance.

There are two types of abdominoplasty: an abdominal full and an abdominal minor.

The abdominal full procedure involves repairing abdominal muscles that have been separated or weakened by age, resulting in an abdominal area that is smoother and firmer.

During the surgery, any excess fat will also be removed, adding to the patient’s newly improved body shape. The abdominal minor is very similar but requires less extensive surgery.

When To Consider an Abdominoplasty

You should consider an abdominoplasty if:

  • You have excess skin or fat around your abdomen that cannot be eliminated through exercise or diet
  • The shape of your abdomen has been affected by pregnancy or massive weight loss
  • The shape and size of your abdomen is disproportionate to the rest of your body


Abdominoplasty Procedure

For a full abdominoplasty procedure, the patient is required to be under a general anaesthetic and an incision is made horizontally above the pubic line.

Through this incision, your plastic surgeon will repair weakened abdominal muscles and remove any unwanted skin and fat. The incisions are then closed with absorbable sutures.


Abdominoplasty Results

Once the surgery is complete, you will be able to enjoy a stomach profile that is smoother, firmer and more refined.


Abdominoplasty Recovery

Dr. Ladak will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your treated areas. Typically, patients are able to resume their regular activities within a few weeks.

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