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The Barbie Complex: Extreme Plastic Surgery

Overview: Cosmetic surgery has really evolved in the last few decades. What once seemed exclusive to celebrities and socialites is now readily performed on thousands of people every year. The majority of plastic surgery procedures are subtle enhancements to the body, but from time to time you’ll see some over-the-top transformations. Read the blog below to find out more about some of these radical transformations through plastic surgery.



It’s known that the dimensions of the infamous “Barbie” figure are proportionally ridiculous. The Barbie doll projects an unrealistic and unhealthy body image for young girls, yet some still desire that physique. The Barbie proportions applied to a real life woman are impossible… not so fast; some women have tried to achieve the so-call unrealistic Barbie body through cosmetic surgery. In one peculiar case, two women from Ukraine have spent thousands of dollars on transforming their bodies into that of Barbie. Interestingly enough, they used to be friends and both practice extremely unhealthy diets to keep their waistlines at a dangerously low number.



When you talk about Barbie, her male counterpart Ken is not too far behind. Extreme transformation through cosmetic surgery is not just exclusive to women as is a case with the real-life version of Ken. It’s taken over a 140 procedures for this unique individual to achieve the doll like qualities of Ken.



It’s one thing to copy your favourite celebrity’s hairdo; it’s completely another spending $150,000 in plastic surgery to transform yourself into Kim Kardashian. This is the case for a British male that finds Kardashian to be so beautiful and perfect, that he had to invest all his money into looking like her.



If you scour the Internet you’ll find several cases of people transforming themselves radically with cosmetic surgery. In one case you have a woman that wanted to look like her own caricature. Another woman traveled to South Korea and got so much plastic surgery completed that she had difficulty returning to China because she no longer looked like her passport photo. Although the case of a woman that claimed to have a third breast implanted on her chest was false, many people fear that this is not beyond the realm of possibility in the near future.



The reality is that the majority of plastic surgery performed is not as extreme as the above-mentioned examples. Depending on what you feel you need fixed, most plastic surgery are subtle changes that enhance desired features. For example, the platysmaplasty (neck lift) removes excess skin that accumulates around the neck and gives you an enhanced youthful look. Procedures like the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) also remove excess skin that can result from pregnancy or weight loss and when removed give you a flatter and smoother stomach. The most popular plastic surgery globally is liposuction, but don’t expect a complete transformation in your body if you’re obese. Liposuction is often performed on people that are healthy to begin with and is not a solution for obesity.


The Bottom Line: You’ll always see extreme examples of plastic surgery in your newsfeeds but it’s important to remember that those are rare cases. Many of us choose plastic surgery to fix issues like excess skin from weight loss, breast augmentation and subtle changes to enhance facial features, just to name a few. Alberta Plastic Surgery has helped perspective patients through a variety of plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Ladak promotes and educates all his patients on healthy body image through his extensive consultation.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Dr. Adil Ladak’s plastic and cosmetic surgery practice in Edmonton, Alberta, call today to schedule a consultation. 

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