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Possible non-surgical alternative to reducing chin fat

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  • July 29, 2015

Loose skin and fat buildup under the chin are common concerns for patients who receive facial aesthetic treatment, and the main solution for this has always been surgery. But recent research suggests that a new injectable drug may be an innovative alternative. The research on the drug, called ATX-101, was presented in April at the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

ATX-101 stems from the naturally occurring molecule deoxycholic acid, which helps to breakdown dietary fat. The drug is a patented form of a purified synthetic version of deoxycholic acid. In the research so far, after being injected into the chin the drug has appeared to destroy fat cells without causing serious damage to surrounding tissue. The drug has been evaluated on over 2,500 participants in a number of clinical trials in Canada and the U.S.  ATX-101 is still in the clinical trial phase, but if eventually approved, it could be a nonsurgical option for physicians and their patients who seek to reduce fat in the chin and upper neck area.

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