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Neck lift

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  • February 05, 2016

A neck lift, also known as a platysmaplasty or cervicoplasty, is a procedure used to address the sagging of neck skin, which is a side effect of aging. Vertical banding and horizontal creases on the neck make people look older than they feel inside. A neck lift is a procedure used to enhance the appearance of the neck by tightening both the skin and underlying muscles, improving the contour of the jawline. Though this procedure can be performed on its own it is also combined with liposuction, a facelift or a cheek lift in order to achieve the patient’s desired results.

When to consider a necklift

You may consider a neck lift if:

  • Your neck skin has begun to sag, making you look older than you feel.
  • You desire a slimmer looking neck
  • Your jawline has lost its youthful contour and you wish to regain it.
  • You have wrinkles and excess skin on your neck that you wish to be rid of.

There are many benefits to undergoing a neck lift. A necklift can be used to improve the look of your jawline and neck, providing you with a more youthful profile. It can also be done as a standalone procedure, or in conjunction with other face and neck surgeries in order to achieve your desired aesthetic results. However, the procedure can cause some initial discomfort. Your neck may feel tight for up to several months after the procedure is performed, and fluid accumulation and bleeding may occur after surgery. Before undergoing any form of plastic surgery you should consult with your doctor and your plastic surgeon.

Am I a good candidate for a neck lift?

If your neck has developed lines and folds with age, or you have excess fat and skin around your neck, you may be a good candidate for a necklift. A necklift can also be used to create a sleeker neck, and clearly separate your neck and your face by making your jawline more distinct. You should also be in good health before undergoing any form of plastic or cosmetic surgery.  Like all surgical procedures this should only be performed by a highly experienced, board certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Adil Ladak is a board certified plastic surgeon based in Edmonton, Alberta. His specialties include facial surgery, breast surgery, body contouring and skin treatments. Contact Dr. Ladak at 780.407.6691 to book your consultation.

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