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Myths and Facts About Breast Augmentation

Before considering any type of plastic surgery you should get all the facts straight and weigh the pros and cons. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed every year in North America, helping many women improve their self confidence. Yet, despite its popularity many myths about this popular and routine procedure seem to persist. To help you decide whether breast augmentation surgery might be right for here is a quick guide to the facts, and myths, about breast augmentation surgery.

  1. Will they look fake?
    This concern is false. A properly performed breast augmentation will give you natural looking breasts. To help ensure your procedure creates the results you want make sure you select a board certified plastic surgeon with experience doing breast augmentation procedures. An experienced surgeon is able to consider your age, weight, height and existing cup size so that he or she can place your implants with care, creating a natural look.

  2. Can I still breastfeed?
    This common concern is false. Women who have undergone breast augmentation procedures are still able to safely breastfeed and do not need to worry about inadvertently exposing their infants to harmful chemicals.

  3. Will the implants need to be regularly replaced?
    Implants do not come with a predetermined lifespan. However they do have a rupture risk which increases with time. So although there is always a chance that they will need to be replaced if they rupture, regular replacement is not required. 

Getting the fact straight is important when considering a cosmetic procedure. If you have any questions or concerns you should discuss them with your plastic surgeon before making a decision. He or she will be able to give you all the facts and help you decide whether breast augmentation surgery is right for you.

Dr. Adil Ladak is a board certified plastic surgeon based in Edmonton, Alberta. His specialties include facial surgery, breast surgery, body contouring and skin treatments. Contact Dr. Ladak at 780.407.6691 to book your consultation.

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