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How to Choose The Right Breast Implants

Edmonton Breast Augmentation, Edmonton Breast Lift, Edmonton Plastic Surgery
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  • November 16, 2016

Choosing the right shape and size of implant is the key to a successful breast augmentation surgery and providing you with the most appealing end results.

It’s important to work together with your doctor prior to the plastic surgery as they can assess the natural contours of your body and consider your aesthetic goals when helping you choose the right breast implant and size for your procedure.

Edmonton Breast Augmentation


Breast Implant Types

There are two types of implants for women considering breast augmentation surgery: silicone and saline. The right type for you will depend on factors such as implant placement and your ultimate aesthetic desires.

There are benefits and potential drawbacks to both types of implants and your plastic surgeon can help you decide which type is best suited to meet your needs during a pre-surgical consultation.

Breast Augmentation With Saline Implants

Saline implants require a very small incision to be inserted resulting in a shorter scar. Saline implants don’t feel or look as natural as silicone ones.
They can be filled during the plastic surgery to exactly fit your unique profile. They tend to look round and feel stiff particularly in patients with modest breast tissue.
Because they are composed of salt water, they pose no threat to your health if they rupture. In addition, you will know when that occurs as it will alter the shape of your breast. With saline implants you may notice a ripple effect around the edges of the implant after your breast augmentation.
Saline implants are the most cost-effective choice for those considering a breast augmentation. Large saline implants have a higher rate of downward displacement than silicone.


Breast Augmentation With Silicone Implants


Silicone implants are filled with a gel that very closely resembles and feels like real breast tissue Only FDA approved for women over the age of 22.
They come in a variety of shapes to fit your individual breast augmentation needs. If the implant ruptures, you will be less likely to notice it.
Silicone implants are made from a thicker, viscous material and are less prone to rippling compared to saline implants. A ruptured silicone implant can lead to pain and a variety of health issues including breast cancer or connective tissue disease.


To fully understand which implant is best suited for your aesthetic needs, it’s important to schedule a consultation prior to your plastic surgery so that your doctor can help determine which choice is right for you.


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Breast Implant Size

The size of your breast implants should compliment your entire frame and will be based on your specific aesthetic goals. To ensure natural-looking and pleasing breast augmentation results, your plastic surgeon will consider a number of factors including:

  • The circumference of your chest
  • The size and protrusion of your ribcage
  • The width of your collarbone
  • The dimensions of your waist and hips

During your plastic surgery consultation, your doctor can help you envision what different sized implants will look like on your body in order to help you make the most informed decision.


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If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation surgery or about your implant options, contact Dr. Ladak today at (780) 407-6691.

Dr. Adil Ladak is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Edmonton, Alberta and specializes in a variety of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures.

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