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How to Achieve The Best Lip Injection Results

Lip Injections Edmonton
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  • April 03, 2019
Whether your lips are naturally thin, or they've lost their volume due to aging, a lip injection treatment can result in an instantly more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Follow these top tips for the safest and most satisfactory outcome.

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm are made from a naturally derived material called hyaluronic acid, which can be injected directly into the skin with the aim of adding volume to the treatment area.

Lip enhancement injections, administered by a board-certified plastic surgeon, can be strategically injected into places of the mouth, and the surrounding area, to shape, balance out, and add volume to your lips.

Lip injections can be used to target the following areas:

  • Cupid’s bow
  • Marionette lines
  • Perioral lines
  • Vermillion border
  • The fleshy part of the upper and lower lip

Customized Lip Injections in Edmonton

Customized lip injection treatments work to replenish the lost volume in your mouth, as well as balance out asymmetric lips and reduce the appearance of fine lines. At our Edmonton clinic, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including Juvederm and Botox, to help you look and feel your best.

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Top Dos and Don’ts of Lip Injection Treatments

When injected by a board-certified plastic surgeon, cosmetic lip injections are an easy way to get the full pout you've always wanted. However, to ensure the safest results and minimize any risks, it’s very important to prepare for your treatment properly.

Here are the top Dos and Don’ts of lip injection treatments to follow:


  • Let your injector know, before your treatments, if you have previously suffered from cold sores. They can prescribe a medication to minimize recurrence.
  • Be clear on what results you’re looking to achieve. If you can take pictures with you to your consultation, it can be helpful to your injector.
  • Be realistic with your expectations. Understand that drastic pump-ups cannot occur with one treatment.
  • Prepare yourself for some discomfort. While dermal fillers do contain a numbing agent, you may still feel a pinch or some discomfort.
  • Ice the treatment area after. If you do this straight after, it can help minimize any swelling or bruising, and help you stay comfortable.
  • Sleep the night after your treatment with a little elevation. Using an extra pillow can help prevent any swelling.
  • Wait approximately 7 days to see the full results of your treatment and then enjoy your new, youthful look!


  • Use aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications or high doses of Vitamin E supplements before your lip injection treatment. Doing so may increase your risk of bleeding or bruising.
  • Massage the treatment area afterward. This may cause you to inadvertently minimize the amount of volume achieved.
  • Schedule your treatment right before a big event. It’s likely that you will have some swelling, so try to make the appointment for approximately 1-2 weeks before.
  • Panic if your lips bruise or swell. This is a very delicate area and sometimes it can be impossible to avoid these (temporary) side effects.
  • Expect the results from your lip injections to last forever. Typically, you can enjoy your results for 6-9 months before requiring another treatment.
  • Don’t drink alcohol at least 3-4 days before your treatment, and at least 1 day after your procedure because alcohol consumption can increase bruising.


Achieve The Beautiful Lips You’ve Always Wanted

If you wanted to find out more about the costs and benefits of our customized lip injections, and how we can help restore the beauty and youth to your appearance, visit our Edmonton clinic located at 8440 112 Street Northwest.

Additionally, you can contact Dr. Ladak at 780-407-6691 or fill in our online contact form.

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