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First-Time Cosmetic Surgical Procedures To Restore Your Youth

Overview: Age starts to get the better of us all at some point, but there are some measures you can take to slow down its effects. In this blog we'll take a look at a couple of basic procedures that you can undergo to get your aesthetic rejuvenation underway.

Not everyone wants to dive straight into lengthy and serious plastic surgery procedures and there are still plenty of more basic procedures available to get you started. From tissue filler treatments to breast lifts, there is something for everyone no matter how much change is desired.

Tissue Filler Treatment

No-surgical cosmetic procedures are becoming more popular than ever and tissue filler treatment can be a great option for someone looking to increase volume in facial areas. Juvéderm offers a wide range of fillers to boost and rejuvenate your appearance without undergoing surgery.

Botox Injections

Everyone's heard of Botox Injections, and for good reason! This non-surgical procedure provides fantastic results time and again, and as it is not permanent, it can be a great option for someone looking for more youthful appearance without having to commit to surgery. Botox works by reducing lines and wrinkles and helps give you a more youthful and natural appearance.

Breast Mastopexy

If you're confident enough to undergo surgery, but are looking for subtle yet worthwhile results, breast mastopexy surgery can be a great choice. This breast surgery procedure simply lifts the breast to its natural height to create a healthier and more youthful appearance. Breast mastopexy does not involve any enlargement and therefore the results can be both subtle and flattering.


Another surgical procedure that can provide extremely satisfying yet subtle results is facelift surgery. While some undergo facelift surgery looking for more extreme results, it's equally possible enjoy subtle results from this procedure. For many, the ideal facelift procedure is one that is noticeable, but not obvious, and this is all possible at the Alberta Plastic Surgery practice in Edmonton. With the correct surgeon performing the procedure, you will enjoy an appearance that is both more youthful and more restful.

Bottom Line: Undergoing plastic surgery can be a big commitment and so many prefer to start with more basic procedures. Some of these procedures have been outlined above, and include both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures. Non-surgical procedures generally carry the lowest commitment level as the results are often not permanent, but there are still certain surgical procedures, such as facelifts and breast mastopexy, that can provide excellent yet subtle results for patients who are not looking for drastic change.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Dr. Adil Ladak’s plastic and cosmetic surgery practice in Edmonton, Alberta, call today to schedule a consultation. 

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