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Breast Surgery — 5 Tips To A Smoother Recovery

Alberta Plastic Surgery - Breast Surgery — 5 Tips To A Smoother Recovery
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  • April 06, 2021

If breast augmentation (implants) or breast mastopexy (lift) surgery is in your future, you’ve likely been advised on how to best prepare for the surgery and may have already been briefed on what to expect from the actual procedure. But what’s it like during recovery after breast surgery? 

How to Minimize Stress Post-Surgery  

Post-surgical care is an important step to ensuring your recovery is as stress-free as possible. To help you better prepare for the experience of getting a breast lift or implants, we’ve put together a list of helpful recovery tips. 

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Five Tips To a Smoother Recovery

Set Yourself Up For a Comfortable Sleep. 

Sleeping flat on your back or on a slight incline will help reduce swelling, enhance circulation, and promote faster healing. If you’re not a back sleeper, it might be worthwhile to practice sleeping in this position leading up to your surgery. 

Since you will be lying in bed longer than usual, we recommend preparing the second set of sheets you can throw on the bed as you may not be up for doing laundry for a while. Having extra pillows or bed wedges nearby are also a good idea to ensure your body is properly supported while lying down. 

Avoid Strenuous Activity

During recovery, you will need to conserve energy and reduce stress to allow your body to heal. This means you’ll likely have to put your exercise routine on hold temporarily. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move around at all. Non-strenuous activity is encouraged. Walking regularly throughout the day will help prevent discomfort from stiff muscles, increase circulation, and reduce the risk of blood clots. 

Meal Prep

Be sure to stock your kitchen full of healthy recovery food. You will not likely be up for cooking full meals, so buying food that can be consumed frequently in small quantities is a good strategy. Large meals require energy to digest and can sit heavy in your stomach, so stock up on easy-to-eat snacks that will aid in your healing process. 

Purchase a Recovery Bra

After your breast augmentation or mastopexy, your surgeon will probably advise you to wear a wire-free bra for at least six weeks to help support and protect the newly augmented tissue while it heals. Seamless sports bras are a popular choice that can provide comfort and support. When looking for a recovery bra, it’s important to choose one that is not too tight-fitting and opens so that you don’t have to slip it on over your head. 

Change Up Your Shower Routine 

Your surgeon will advise you on how to properly clean or treat your dressings. However, showering the way you’re used to might prove to be difficult. We recommend purchasing a pack of cleansing wipes to reduce uncomfortable showering while still maintaining good personal hygiene. Purchasing a shower stool could also be a good investment as you may find it difficult to stand for long periods of time at first.


The key to a smoother recovery is to reduce stress and allow ample time for your body to heal. If you have any questions or concerns about how to best prepare for your recovery after breast surgery, be sure to consult with your surgeon and their medical team. 

FAQ on Breast Surgery Recovery

When can I start exercising and lifting things again? 

Be sure to consult with your surgeon during your recovery. You will be advised to avoid any strenuous activity for the first few weeks. During this time, it’s important to keep your arms and elbows close to your sides and avoid lifting anything until allowed by your surgeon.

Once you’re cleared for exercise, slowly introduce lower-body exercises into your routine, progressing to full-body muscular activity.

Can I have sex while recovering from breast surgery? 

You’ll need to avoid all vigorous activity – including the sexual kind – until your surgeon clears it. Raising your blood pressure in any way before you’ve fully healed from any kind of surgery increases your risk for internal bleeding, incision strain, or other complications that could jeopardize your health and results.

Once you’re cleared, start out gently and avoid positions that put pressure on your chest area.

Can I drink alcohol after surgery? 

You should try to limit your alcohol intake in the weeks leading up to surgery and avoid alcohol for 48 hours after. This will reduce bleeding during your operation and ensure your painkillers, antibiotics, and anesthetic are able to do their job effectively. 


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