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Breast Augmentation versus Breast Lift: Which Is Best For You?

Overview: If you've been considering undergoing breast surgery recently then you may have been wondering what the differences are between breast lift surgery and breast augmentation. Which procedure is right for you? Find out in the blog below.


When you're looking for plastic surgery in Edmonton and are considering breast surgery, there are probably a number of questions you would like answered. One common question is: what is the difference between breast augmentation (breast enlargement) and breast mastopexy (breast lift)? At the Alberta Plastic Surgery practice, plastic surgeon Dr. Adil Ladak and his team are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make well-informed and balanced decisions about your health.

Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation: What's The Difference?

Many know of the obvious differences between the two, but there are some subtleties that you may not be aware of. As you can guess, breast lift surgery is primarily concerned with lifting the breast and breast augmentation surgery is primarily concerned with enlarging the breast. However, just because breast augmentation enlarges the breast this does not mean that the surgery will raise or improve the appearance of a sagging breast. Likewise, many instinctively believe that breast lift surgery does nothing to improve the size of the breast and only raises it. While this is technically true, often the act of the lifting the breast to its natural is all that is needed to give the appearance of an enlarged and enhanced breast.

Which Procedure Is Right For Me?

This is something that can only be confirmed during your consultation with Dr. Ladak, but depending on your goals, one procedure may be more suitable than the other. If you're still relatively young and are looking to increase the size of your breasts, then a breast augmentation procedure may be best for you. However, if you're slightly older and are looking to make your breasts more attractive, rather than just larger, then breast lift surgery may be your best choice. In many cases the best option for the patient is a combination of both procedures, known as a breast augmentation mastopexy. The two procedures can be performed during the same surgery, or separately, depending on the individual's unique case and Dr. Ladak will be able to advise you as to which is best during your consultation.

Bottom Line: If you're considering undergoing plastic surgery in Edmonton then Dr. Adil Ladak can provide you with the professional cosmetic solution you need. Breast surgery is a commonly requested type of procedure and many patients are often interested in the differences between breast surgery and breast augmentation. While there are some obvious differences, there are also others which are more subtle and the procedure you think you need may not actually be the best. In this blog we've given a few examples of when one procedure might be more suited than the other, but as always, it will be during your consultation with Dr. Ladak that you will find out which procedure suits your unique needs best.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Dr. Adil Ladak’s plastic and cosmetic surgery practice in Edmonton, Alberta, call today to schedule a consultation. 

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