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Breast Augmentation Surgery for Athletes in Edmonton

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  • July 29, 2015

One thing female athletes know well is that training hard has several effects on the body, and one of those is that as you become incredibly fit, your body gains muscle mass and loses fat. The result is often that breast size is reduced when the body’s fat is burned away.

Whether you’re a fitness model, compete in professional sports or just take your fitness very seriously, having a beautiful physique is important to you. That’s why breast augmentation surgery for athletes is a topic that is gaining in popularity.

Dr. Adil Ladak at Ladak Plastic Surgery in Edmonton has helped several very fit women regain pride in their body image with the help of breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Ladak and his team take the time to learn about each patient’s routines, especially when it comes to rigorous fitness training, to help women decide on the right way to approach breast implant surgery and create a recovery plan suited to each woman’s individual needs.

Choosing a plastic surgeon who takes the time to understand your fitness routine and requirements is key to having the best breast augmentation surgery experience, allowing you to recover properly, and also get back to training within an appropriate amount of time.

Poorly executed breast enhancement surgeries can have serious and long-lasting negative effects on a woman’s body, and that applies to fitness models and athletes as much as it does to any other woman. Minimal trauma during plastic surgery, plus a custom-designed recovery process, are key to making the procedure go as smoothly as possible.

Dr. Ladak recommends his model and athlete patients get a lot of rest during the recovery process after breast augmentation surgery – after all, the procedure has similar effects on the body as some sports-related injuries. Taking good care of your body during the recovery period is critical to getting back into your normal, pre-surgery training regime within an appropriate amount of time. The effect is that you’ll not only be able to soon work out as hard as before the procedure, but you’ll find yourself catching a glimpse of your new physique in the mirror at the gym and loving what you see.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Dr. Adil Ladak’s plastic and cosmetic surgery practice in Edmonton, Alberta, call today to schedule a consultation. 

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