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Botox® Isn't Just For Wrinkles: 6 Alternative Yet Effective Uses for Botox

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Do you think that Botox is only used for treating wrinkles and signs of aging? Did you know that there are numerous approved uses for this injectable? Here are 6 alternative yet practical uses for Botox.

Today, Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide. And for a good reason! Botox is a safe, impressive method of providing facial rejuvenation for millions of men and women. However, cosmetic appearance is not the only thing that the drug can be used for. Other compelling uses include:

  • Muscle relaxant for uncontrollable contractions
  • Sever, chronic migraines
  • Hyperhidrosis treatment
  • Bladder incontinence

Keep reading to learn about more surprising medical benefits of Botox, and see if any of its alternative purposes could help you!

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What is Botox?

You have undoubtedly witnessed the cosmetic effects of Botox on some of your favourite celebrities. As we age, frown lines, crow's feet, and general facial wrinkles are bound to happen. Botox injections are a safe and effective method to reduce the signs of aging, including the appearance of wrinkles.

Botox injections have become incredibly popular due to their high success rate, short recovery period, and amazing results.  Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Adil Ladak, has decades of experience providing clients with these anti-wrinkle injections. Contact our clinic today to learn about how he can help you with your Botox procedure.


6 Alternative, FDA Approved Uses for Botox

By far, the most common use of Botox is for smoothing our wrinkles, face lines, and creating a more youthful appearance. However, the base drug known as botulinum toxin is also FDA approved for various other ailments. Here are six of the approved uses for the drug, which you could take advantage of today!


1. Chronic Migraines

While Botox will not prevent chronic migraines, studies have shown that the drug can lessen the impact and duration of them when they do occur. People who receive Botox treatment for chronic, severe migraines receive a series of injections around the head and neck area approximately every 3 months. While the precise reason why this works is still not fully understood, it has been proven safe and effective by the FDA.

2. Overactive Bladder Incontinence

If you are suffering from an overactive or incontinent bladder, Botox can be an effective treatment to reduce leakages and give you improved control over your urinary functions. For women who have been administered this as a treatment for their urinary tract, approximately 70% of them reported the improvement or disappearance of symptoms associated with their condition.

3. Upper Limb Dystonia

Also known as spasticity, upper limb dystonia is medical terminology for the uncontrollable contraction of fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows, most commonly as a result of cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and nervous system injuries. Botulinum toxin can act as a muscle relaxant and provide greater limb control for those suffering from such symptoms of their condition.

4. Cervical Spasticity

Similar to upper limb dystonia, cervical spasticity is commonly known as uncontrollable movements and contractions of muscles around the neck area, forcing the head into uncomfortable movements and positions. Botox injections have been shown to provide enough relief where the patient can regain more control of their neck muscles to place the head in a more comfortable position.

5. Uncoordinated Eye and Eyelid Movements

A common theme of FDA approved therapy methods for Botox comes from its muscle relaxant properties. This theme is continued here, as Botox can be used as a muscle relaxant for overactive inner eye and eyelid muscles, thus allowing patients greater control, focus, and alignment of their eyes and eyelids.

6. Excessive Perspiration

For some, even the most powerful of deodorants are no match for their sweating. If you suffer from an excessive sweating condition known as primary axillary hyperhidrosis, Botox can be used as an effective treatment to block the nervous system from sending information to the brain to stimulate the sweat glands.

Non-FDA Approved Treatments

Additionally, there are some new methods of treatment that, while not yet FDA approved, could become medical conditions that are treatable by this injectible. Some of these include:

  • Depression
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Cleft lips
  • Premature ejaculation

Botox truly is an awe-inspiring drug with some incredible and far-reaching benefits. If you are looking for a treatment method for any of the approved methods listed above, contact our clinic today to see if we can develop a solution for you!

Get the Look You Have Been Chasing With Botox Injections

Have you been looking for a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance? Botox injections may be just what you need to give your confidence a boost and look absolutely stunning. Ready to get started on your Botox journey? Contact our Edmonton plastic surgery clinic today by calling 780-407-6691 or by filling in our online contact form below.

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