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A Look At Breast Augmentation

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  • July 29, 2015


40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40. No matter how you spin it time keeps moving forward, but plastic surgery procedures are a formidable opponent to ageing. The term “boob job” might conjure up images of the 80’s and 90’s in California, but right here in Canada it remains one of the top cosmetic procedures. Read the blog below for more on breast augmentation.

There are a variety of reasons why women seek out breast augmentation surgery. For some women, they find their breasts are too small and want larger ones. In some cases symmetry is the issue, where one breast is larger or smaller compared to the other.  In other cases, ageing, weight loss and breastfeeding can cause breasts to lose their shape and or firmness. No matter the reason, breast augmentation can restore and fix theses issues and have positive results both physically and emotionally. Breast augmentation can elevate a woman’s body image, confidence and sexuality, just to name a few.

There’s something different about you?

People that know of women that have had breast augmentation have a common misconception. They believe that one day their friend has small breasts and the next day they magically have larger breasts. Although the procedure has the benefit of an immediate noticeable result, people don’t know about the time and decisions involved leading up to the surgery. The two key decisions patients have to make before breast augmentation is which type of implant to use (saline or silicone) and where the incision is made. At Alberta Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ladak favours the inframammary incision, a popular one among many plastic surgeons. The incision is made at the breast fold, which allows for great accuracy in placement of the implant. The inframammary incision also keeps the scar off the breast mound and hidden under the breast. Post procedure the patient is taught how to keep the incision site clean and how to apply dressings. The bruising and swelling of the surgery subsides in 1-2 weeks.

As mentioned earlier, one of the initial decisions a perspective patient has to make is finding the right plastic surgeon. Credentials, experience, bedside manner, and the actual practice itself, are all-important factors to take into consideration. At Alberta Plastic, Dr. Ladak and his practice excels in all the listed factors. Alberta Plastic Surgery’s practice is located at the University Hospital in Edmonton. This location offers major benefits for patients, some of which they will never notice. The University Hospital location allows Dr. Ladak and his team to draw on a reservoir of resources:

  • New methodologies in plastic surgery
  • Access to a full hospital
  • Consulting with fellow experts and colleagues
  • Immediate access to new technologies

What’s often forgotten among the technical aspects of plastic surgery is the importance of bedside manner. Consultations should go further than the discussions of type of implant or incision sites. Experienced surgeons like Dr. Ladak will explore how a patient will feel before and after breast augmentation, making sure the emotional effects match and excel that of the physical change. Clothes may not fit the way they used to. Family and friends are going to notice a big change. The great advantage of breast augmentation is that a patient is now armed with greater self-confidence and healthier body image, so they can easily deal with the reactions of others.

Bottom Line

Breast augmentation continues to remain one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Canada for a reason. The procedure has positive results and can be life changing for the good. Breast augmentation is extremely safe and has continuously given patients greater confidence. Book a consultation with Dr. Ladak at Alberta Plastic Surgery and he will advise you on everything you need to know about breast augmentation.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Dr. Adil Ladak’s plastic and cosmetic surgery practice in Edmonton, Alberta, call today to schedule a consultation. 

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