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3 Treatment Options For Facial Asymmetry

Is facial asymmetry one of your main concerns? Our Edmonton clinic offers a wide range of treatments from dermal fillers to facial surgery to help enhance your appearance and restore your self-confidence. 

Facial asymmetry is a cosmetic condition in which both sides of the face don’t match. Asymmetry of the face can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics and injury. Whatever the causes, there are times when correcting facial asymmetry can have many benefits, such as:

  • enhanced aesthetic appearance
  • greater self-confidence
  • more youthful appearance
  • better facial function

Customised Facial Asymmetry Treatments in Edmonton

To help you achieve a more harmonious, youthful, and aesthetically pleasing appearance, we offer customized facial asymmetry treatments including dermal fillers and facial surgery. Whatever your needs, we can fulfil them in a safe and effective manner.

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What Causes Facial Asymmetry?

Facial asymmetry is very natural; even the most attractive actors and supermodels have some degree of facial imbalance. However, there are some cases in which individuals experience extreme facial asymmetry that can affect their personal and professional lives.

The causes of extreme facial asymmetry include:

  • genetics
  • trauma (eg. broken nose)
  • stroke
  • stressors during physical development

Do I Need Facial Asymmetry Treatment?

Whatever the extent of your facial asymmetry, you should ALWAYS consult with a trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon before making any treatment decisions. Such a professional can evaluate the extent of your facial asymmetry and recommend treatment options that suit your specific needs.

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How Can Facial Asymmetry Be Corrected?

While in the majority of cases, facial asymmetry doesn’t need to be corrected, for patients who do require treatment, there are two main options: surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Minimally-Invasive Treatments

Slight asymmetries can be effectively addressed using non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments including:

Dermal Fillers. Tissue fillers such as Radiesse, Voluma, or Sculptra can be administered to add volume to one side of a patient’s jaw or cheek and restore a good balance to your features.

Botox. Botox is used by some plastic surgeons to reduce the prominence of a patient’s jaw or raise an eyebrow that is sitting too low. In some cases, this injectable can even be used to address nasal asymmetries.

The aim of cosmetic injectables is to improve and restore facial volume, while simultaneously enhancing facial contours and improving any facial asymmetries you may have.

Asymmetrical Facial Surgery

If the facial asymmetry is extreme and noticeable, then your plastic surgeon may recommend surgical treatment over minimally invasive procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox.

While this option is more expensive and requires more downtime, it can significantly improve your facial function and appearance.

Facial Implants

Whatever the cause of your facial asymmetry, be it injury, age, or genetics, facial implants can help enhance the contours of your face in a number of ways. 

Cheek Implants

  • restore volume to flat cheeks
  • enhance cheekbone definition
  • add youthful fullness and lifted definition to cheeks

Jaw Implants

  • expand the lower part of the face to balance out any asymmetry
  • correct a weak jaw, creating a clear delineation between the neck and face
  • create a strong, masculine jawline, which is especially beneficial to male patients

Chin Implant

  • improves the size and projection of a weak/sunken chin
  • improves the overall balance of the face

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Dr. Adil Ladak is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Edmonton, Alberta and specializes in a variety of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures.

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