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3 Incredible Benefits of a Mini Tummy Tuck

Are you feeling frustrated with stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to go away, despite a healthy diet and regular exercise? Our customized body contouring procedures, from mini tummy tucks to liposuction, can help you achieve the smooth and toned appearance you desire.

Body contouring refers to cosmetic surgery that is designed to improve the shape and tone of your underlying tissue by removing excess sagging skin and fat. The result is a better proportioned appearance with smoother contours. 

Some of the surgical body contouring procedures include: 

These procedures are used to improve several areas of the body, including the arms, abdomen, face, thighs, and buttocks. 

Customized Body Contouring Procedures 

At our Edmonton clinic, we offer a wide range of surgical body contouring procedures, from a full abdominoplasty to a mini tummy tuck to help you achieve all your aesthetic goals. During an in-depth consultation, we can assess your general health, lifestyle, and goals, to help determine which procedure is right for you. 


What is a Mini Tummy Tuck? Everything You Need to Know About This Body Contouring Procedure 

A tummy tuck surgery — also referred to as an abdominoplasty — can often be a great body contouring treatment for men and women who have extra skin, fat and/or muscle laxity in the abdominal region that remains resistant to healthy diets and regular exercise regimens. 

Depending on the extent of your aesthetic issues, however, you may better qualify as a candidate for a mini tummy tuck as opposed to the standard full abdominoplasty. 

Full Abdominoplasty 

A full tummy tuck is typically employed to address the entire abdomen, both above and below the belly button. It involves the removal of sagging, excess skin, as well as the tightening of stretched abdominal muscles. 

Mini Tummy Tuck 

Your plastic surgeon may suggest a mini tummy tuck if tightening of the abdominal wall is not required. This surgery is often reserved for when there is a minimal degree of excess skin, fat, and muscle laxity, and when these issues are confined to the lower abdominal region. 

A mini tummy tuck will therefore result in: 

  • Less scarring
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Shorter recovery period 
  • A firmer and more toned stomach
  • A more aesthetically pleasing body shape 

Benefits of a Mini Tummy Tuck 

Mini tummy tucks are a popular surgical body contouring procedure that your plastic surgeon may recommend for a variety of reasons. If you are considering this cosmetic treatment, here are some of the benefits you can expect: 

1. Smaller Incision 

Both a full and mini tummy tuck are designed to eliminate excess abdominal tissue and stubborn sagging skin, and while the overall goals of these two procedures are similar, the mini tummy tuck focuses on the lower abdomen, targeting tissue below the navel. 

As a result, the incision made during the mini tummy tuck is shorter and results in less scarring. In addition, the strategic placement in the pubic region makes it easier to conceal. 

2. Shorter Surgical Time 

Due to the complex nature of a traditional abdominoplasty, this procedure is performed under general anesthetic and the surgery can take between 2-4 hours. In many instances, a mini tummy tuck can be completed in as little as 1-2 hours. 


3. Shorter Recovery Time 

Because a mini tummy tuck requires less correction than a full tummy tuck, the downtime required for the procedure is greatly reduced. 

  • It can take 2-3 weeks to recover from a full abdominoplasty 
  • A mini tummy tuck will enable you to return to work a week after your procedure 

A mini tummy tuck only involves lower muscle repair and many patients find they have the energy and mobility required to resume moderate activities much sooner than those who undergo a full abdominoplasty. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck? 

In order to determine which option will help you reach your aesthetic goals, you must consider your individual needs and expectations. While a mini tummy tuck is less invasive, reducing your recovery time and scarring, a full tummy tuck can adequately address lax tissue above the navel. 

During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon can listen to your aesthetic goals and examine your area of concern to help you decide which procedure is best for you. 

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